Fifa 14 release date and demo

If you have a PS3 then, what are you waiting for, Fifa 14 release date has been and gone, and the game is currently collecting dust in a games shop near you. If you are a Xbox 360 or PC man, then you are going to have to sit tight for another couple of days as the Fifa 14 release date isn't until Friday. See Grand Theft Auto V review.

If you can't wait until Friday for the Fifa 14 release date, or simple aren't sure if you want to buy the game or not, then why not download the Fifa 14 Demo. EA Sports has provided handy links to its Fifa 14 demo for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC and can be found here.

Fifa 14 release date

Normally release dates for a new product/game involve a lot of guess work and research of previous releases to be able to judge what date to expect. However, EA Sports has made this really easy for us by, er, giving it an actual release date in a timely fashion. The only complications are that each console has a different release date. Here they all are:

  • Xbox 360 - Fifa 14 release date: 27 September 2013
  • PS3 - Fifa 14 release date: Early release 21 September 2013 / Official release 24th September 2013
  • PC - Fifa 14 release date: 27 September 2013

Fifa 14 gameplay trailer

Fifa 14 gameplay trailer

Fifa 14 new features and screenshots

Every season the new version of Fifa comes with several new features that makes the game that little bit more realistic and challenging. Here's a brief summary of the confirmed new Fifa 14 features. Take a look at our BT Sport review: Free sport on Android and iOS.

Fifa 14: Precision movement: One of the fundamental differences between FIfa and PES is the realism of the players' movement. This year Fifa 14 is widening the gap further but introducing a feature where every step counts resulting in more realistic acceleration and deceleration. Visit: PS4 release date and specs confirmed.

Here's the official word on precision movement “Through Precision Movement, every step a player takes results in realistic foot planting that takes into account their speed, momentum and the change of direction. This eliminates the unrealistic foot sliding that occurred in previous years and allows for players to push off the ground authentically.” See also: GTA 5 release date in UK: New GTA 5 gameplay video.

Fifa 14 Precision movement

Fifa 14: Protect the ball: This is pretty much exactly as its name suggests, it's a feature that gives you more control over your player when you have the ball, allowing you to fend off defenders when you have the ball.

Here's the most succinct official explanation we could pluck form the EA Sports website “Now, when a ball carrier is being pulled while advancing, they will be able to counter this by stepping in front of the defender and using their body to shield the ball. With the ball at their feet, players will be able to step into the opposition and hold them off to maintain possession and make a pass.”

Fifa 14: Protect the ball

Fifa 14: Team Intelligence: There's probably nothing more infuriating in football games, than when one of your computer controlled players goes walkabouts when you need him to make a good run or track a stricker. Well, Fifa 14 is trying to address this with a new feature it's calling Team Intelligence. In short, Fifa 14 thinks it has cracked defenders and attackers from “over-committing”, whether it actually has or not remains to be seen.

Fifa 14: Team Intelligence

Fifa 14: Real Ball Physics: Ahhh this is sounds good. Just from this quote alone “players have the intelligence to prepare before they approach the ball and adjust their stride to be able to get a perfect strike”. Thank god! I've fluffed far too many one-on-ones and open goals in previous versions of the game due to the absence of this feature.

Fifa 14: Real Ball Physics

To find out more about the Real Ball Physics feature take a look at this video, it really is quite interesting.