It's amazing how EA Sports manages to do it, every year they produce a new Fifa and without fail each year sees an improvement. Fifa 13 is set to be no different and that's a pretty solid effort considering just how good of a football game Fifa 12 was. So, when is the Fifa 13 release date? That's the question that everyone wants to know the answer to. See also GTA 5 release date, features, maps and rumours.

That's exactly what this article intends to do. Find out when the Fifa 13 release date is - and then tell everyone. But what's the point of knowing the release date of FIFa 13 if you don't know what's new in the game. So while we go about our business, hunting for the latest news regarding Fifa 13's release date, we'll also bring back other snippets we find. New to Fifa 13 features for example and a couple of those high res screenshots that EA Sports circulate to whet everyone's appetite for the new game. Visit PS4 release date, specs and rumour round-up.

All that and a few sleazy rumours too.

Fifa 13 release date

It's very rare that products are given a concrete release date a few months in advance. But it seems that EA Sports has decided to do just that. Tesco have a very bold Fifa 13 page and are promising a 28 September release date for the football game. [see below]

While it looks as if 28 September, 2012 is a set in stone as the release date for Fifa 13. It has been rumoured that this year could see the game released a month earlier - and more in-line with the start of the football season. Internet shopping website Best Buy even featured an August release date on its website with a click to pre-order link on the same page. Surely that was just a simple mistake though...?

Fifa 13 release date


Attacking Intelligence:

Players have the ability to analyse space, work harder and smarter to break down the defense, and think two plays ahead. Plus, players make runs that pull defenders out of position and open passing channels for teammates.

Complete Dribbling:

Face your opponent and use precise dribble touches combined with true 360-degree mobility with the ball. Be more creative and dangerous in 1v1 opportunities.

1st Touch Control:

A new system transforms the way players control the ball, eliminating near-perfect touch for every player, and creating more opportunities for defenders to capitalise on errant balls and poor touches to win back possession.


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Fifa 13 iPhone and iPad Screenshots

Fifa 13 iPhone and iPad Screenshots

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