Dragon Age: Inquisition is less than a month old, and it's by all accounts pretty fantastic. It's also, thanks to Amazon, on sale for $45 already regardless of which platform you play on. That's a pretty hefty discount for a game that could've easily stayed at $60 through the holidays and still sold a bunch of copies.

The /r/gamedeals subreddit knows a way for you to get the game slightly cheaper ($40) if you're willing to monkey around with VPN settings, but Amazon's deal will probably suit 95 percent of people just fine.

And it's just one of many great gaming deals over at Amazon today. They're also selling Rockstar's classic Bullyfor $3, bundling all the Sonic games (minus the 2006-travesty-that-shall-not-be-named) for $12.50, and Wolfenstein: The New Orderfor only $20--which, really, is the only game you need. Some of the Black Friday deals have carried over too, including South Park: The Stick of Truthfor $14.

Steam's Exploration Sale also continues on through tomorrow, and there are some fantastic deals today: Alien: Isolationfor $25, Wasteland 2for $27, Tomb Raiderfor $4, and the Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director's Cutfor $7.50. That's a lot of gaming on the cheap.

And while most of the deals aren't quite as great, the Humble Store's sale is going strong still if you're a fan of supporting charity.

We've already covered a bunch of other deals (including hardware) in our Black Friday and Cyber Monday stories, including a fantastic deal on a Samsung 840 SSD with a free copy of Far Cry 4, so be sure to check those out too.