Speaking with Edge, representatives from Crytek have confirmed that they have been looking into supporting Flash as a "truly cross-platform solution" for its CryEngine technology.

Crytek's admission comes after this week's news that Epic's Unreal Engine 3 now ran on Flash thanks to Adobe's new Flash Player 11 software. The announcement came from Epic's own Tim Sweeney demonstrating Unreal Tournament 3 running in a browser at Adobe's Max event in Los Angeles earlier this week.

Crytek's investigation into the possibility of using Flash is done with bringing devices together for cross-platform play in mind.

"We're developing a unifying technology to create high quality social and gaming experiences on all platforms including browser, smartphones and tablets," said Carl Jones, director of global business development for CryEngine at Crytek. "We hope to be able to tell you more about it soon."

Edge suggests that Crytek's experiments may be related to the company's current project Warface, a free to play shooter aimed at Korean and Asian players. Running in a browser immediately opens up the game to a much wider audience -- and for a free to play game, the bigger the audience, the better, as more people means more potential for microtransactions.

The sooner more developers jump on this bandwagon, the better -- it might just result in some Facebook games that self-professed "core gamers" might want to play, rather than the endless FarmVille clones that make up the bulk of the market nowadays.

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as Crytek Considering Flash Support for CryEngine