This morning at CeBIT PC Advisor spoke to Sharkoon, a company that's targeting both PC and console gamers with a range of headsets, as well as making early-adopter-focused high-performance storage products and cases.

We were shown the headsets first, and were told that these are likely to be Sharkoon's development focus in the coming months. Sharkoon is quite unusual among gaming companies in that it's keen to attract both PC and console gamers; all but one of its headsets is suitable for multi-platform use. (The exception, the Xtatic SX, is Xbox 360 only, a decision which Sharkoon representatives told us was taken to keep the price down to 49 euros.)

New for CeBIT this week was the Xtatic SR headset, which is likely to be available in mid-April for the equivalent of around $129. The SR has two 40mm Dolby speakers and a flexible, detachable microphone for in-game discussion (the SR supports chat functions on both the PS3 and Xbox 360).

The Xtatic SR comes with a separate in-line amplifier box, a master volume control and mic mute to avoid embarrassing situations. As well as PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, it can be used with an iPad or iPhone.

Sharkoon Xtatic SR headset

Sharkoon Xtatic SR headset

Interestingly, however, Sharkoon also makes PC gaming cases, including some budget-priced (but attractive) aluminium models. The AL2 an AL4 cases have fully aluminium bodies and 92mm and 120mm LED fans respectively. The AL2 features two 5.25in drive bays, while the AL4 has four.

Sharkoon AL4 and AL2 cases

Sharkoon AL4 (left) and AL2 aluminium PC cases

Sharkoon representatives weren't sure of pricing for the cases but estimated an affordable 'ballpark figure' of 60 euros for the AL4.

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