If the phrase '3D' brings to mind stupid cardboard glasses and fims about stupid cardboard sharks, expand your mind my friend. Behold, the nVidia GeForce Stereoscopic 3D technology. 3D bins.

The 3D gaming rig is going down a storm here at CeBIT.

Looking like the kind of sunglasses posh people who are trying to look 'gnarly' wear to go sledging, the 3D glasses work only with specifically '3D-enabled' displays and, of course, 3D games. They feel pretty comfortable, and light enough for prolonged use. (Note: I have a massive, round head.)

nVidia glasses

Crazy guy, crazy glasses (not me)

We were, naturally, deeply sceptical about the whole concept, and remain to be fully convinced, but I'll say this: everyone who tried it here at CeBIT seemed to love it, and the initial view of a 3D image elicited an involuntary and deeply uncool 'gosh' from this correspondent.

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Sadly, as yet, the gaming experience doesn't quite match the initial image. Although the occasional thing jumping out at you is pretty awesome, in general it all looks a little like scenery. It really needs games written from the ground up with 3D in mind. But even a cynical old scrote such as myself is excited to give it a proper go when we can lay our hands on the full kit.

A couple of UK vendors we spoke to are hoping to bundle the glasses and requisite monitors soon, so watch this space for a review.