The Entertainment Consumers Association tells us that the Supreme Court's hearing of the Brown v. the Entertainment Merchants Association (formerly Schwarzenegger v. EMA) "violent video games" case is expected to reach a verdict next week.

The case is a review of a California law which prohibits the sale of mature games to minors. The law was attacked due to its ambiguity over what exactly a "mature" game is.

While a restriction on the sales of mature content to minors may not sound like a terrible idea, it's the consequences of this decision that would be more significant -- the precedent set by the case could potentially open the door for other states to create their own regulations for video games, leading to developers and publishers shying away from mature content in the future in a case of "anything for a quiet life."

More significantly, however, the decision in this case will set the precedent as to whether or not video games fall under Constitutionally-protected free speech -- if the court finds in favor of Brown, the decision would allow the government to supersede the ESRB and place its own regulation on the industry.

You can find out more about the case from The ECA.

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