Fidget spinners are the latest craze to hit UK playgrounds. Kids are besotted with these little devices which they use to perform various rotary-based tricks that impress their friends.

App manufacturers haven’t missed the trick of course, and you can now download a number of fidget spinners on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Here are the best.

What are Fidget spinners?

Fidget spinners are small three-pronged gadgets that have a weighted centre bearing so they can be balanced on your finger, nose, or other suitable appendage, while they spin like crazy.

The idea is to keep the device whirling around while you attempt feats of balance and dexterity. It might sound simple, but just like the yoyo craze of yesteryear you’ll see some amazing tricks pulled off by those who dedicate themselves to the art.

Some claims have been made that fidget spinners are actually helpful for children who suffer with ADHD, but as yet there is no official medical studies to back this up.

Like all good fads, schools have now started to ban the gadgets as they prove a constant distraction for both pupils and the poor teachers who have to contend with constant whirring sounds in classrooms.

Thankfully, as a successful advertising campaign once said, there’s an app for that.

Best iOS Fidget Spinner Apps

There are a surprising amount of fidget spinner apps in the Apple App Store at the moment.

One of the highest rated is Finger Spinner by the developer Ketchapp. This is the company responsible for hits such as Stick Hero, Zig Zag, and Stack, so the app comes from a stable with some pedigree.

It’s a very simple game. On the screen is a Fidget Spinner and all you have to do is get it to complete as many rotations as possible.

You do this by swiping your finger along the bottom of the screen a maximum of five times.

Best Fidget Spinner

Each turn gives you coins which you can use to improve the speed and lessen the friction on the spinner.

There’s not much to it, but the constant rewards of coins make progression quick, and there are a number of other spinners that become available as you quickly level up.

Finger Spinner is free if you can endure ads every few turns, but £0.99 will rid you of these and pay back the developer for a fun little distraction.

Another popular app is Fidget Hand Spinner. The game is pretty much the same, but it’s marked out by a number of cool looking spinners that you can choose from or unlock.

Other contenders include Fidget Spinner - Hand Spin Simulator, Fidget Spinner - Hand Spinner Focus Game, and Fidget Spinner - The Spin Simulator.

Best Android Fidget Spinner Apps

On the Android side of things there are also plenty of apps vying for your fingers. The highest rated option in the Google Play Store that we could find was the free Fidget Hand Spinner, which has racked up and impressive 3,380 votes and a 4.5 star rating overall.

Again the premise is spinning the onscreen gadget around as many times as you can, with rewards for your attempts. There are a number of very decorative spinners available, including a Batman Batarang which we love, all of which can be systematically unlocked by watching ads.

Best Fidget Spinner apps

Notable alternatives include Fidget Spinner Simulator, Fidget Spinner, and Fidget Hand Spinner Pack.

That should give you plenty of free spinning that should keep you busy for a while, or at least until the next fad comes along. Hula Hoop anyone?