Be Broadband has joined forces with competitive gaming website Enemy Down to offers customers a new gaming service.

Be Mixes allows the ISP's users to play first-person shooter game Counter Strike Source together. By simply logging onto the website, players can instantly join a lobby and start playing with other like-minded gamers. The service will also offer ladders, leagues, tournaments and events in a number of other First Person Shooter games.

Oli White, head of marketing at Be Broadband, said: "Online gaming can be a fantastic experience, but very often the reality is far from that, with half empty servers lagging, along with abusive or disruptive players. Even if you do find a good mixing server with plenty of players, some people will be joining then leaving three rounds later and ruining everyone's day.

"A lot of Be members are gamers and we believe that secure, fast and free game servers should be available to all and, coupled with our excellent broadband service, this brand new 'Mixes' system will give Be members the gaming experience they want."