The British Broadcasting Corporation is perhaps best known for its television output, most of the best of which makes it over to the States. Today, though, Simon Harris, executive producer of BBC commercial subsidiary BBC Worldwide, announced that the company would shortly be launching an indie publishing initiative.

It's Harris' aim to help motivate British development talent through the initiative -- and get UK developers known on the worldwide market. Given recent reports that many British developers are jumping ship to Canada coupled with recent closures of British studios such as Bizarre Creations and Black Rock, this kind of initiative will likely prove important for the UK development industry's continued success.

"In a few weeks time you will see our first initiative around UK indies," said Harris, speaking at the Develop conference in Brighton, UK. "We've come up with a plan and we are working with a couple of indies already, looking to get them into business outside of the UK."

Harris says that over the next year we'll see console, Flash, XBLA, PSN and Facebook games coming from the program and believes that the project will play host to a great deal of innovation.

Thanks, Develop.

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