You may not have heard of Auto Club Revolution, but developer Eutechnyx is very excited about the possibilities the upcoming game holds for racing fans, car enthusiasts and manufacturers alike.

"Anyone who has played a chart-topping console or retail PC racing game will be familiar with many of the features in Auto Club Revolution," said Doug Wolff, executive producer of the game. "Players will find an authentic racing experience in single player and multiplayer modes, drafting, drifting, a fully-featured HUD, a suite of assists and much more. The surprise is that we have all of this wrapped up in a free to play game."

According to Wolff, players will be able to progress all the way through the game's tiers of fully-licensed, accurately-modeled cars and challenges without having to spend any money. Paying players will have access to additional features and cars, though the company hasn't revealed full details of premium options as yet.

"Auto Club Revolution is much more than a free to play online racing game," continued Wolff. "We're building a social platform that will let the world's motor manufacturers, auto enthusiasts and racing fans engage with each other. Once that platform is in place, the possibilities are really exciting. We're working with the biggest motoring brands from around the world to ensure we have the highest level of interaction possible."

The game's closed beta is set to begin later this month. You can find out more and register for access here.

This article originally appeared on as Auto Club Revolution's F2P GT Racing