Assassin's Creed Unity release date

Assassin's Creed Unity (Assassin's Creed 5) is the upcoming instalment in Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed franchise, which will be available for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Here, we examine the Assassin's Creed Unity release date rumours and bring you everything we know so far about the new game. See: How to watch E3 2014 live.

Assassin's Creed Unity release date

During the E3 gaming conference in LA in June, Ubisoft announced that Assassin's Creed Unity would be hitting the shops on 28 October 2014. Ubisoft has confirmed that Assassin's Creed Unity is being developed simultaneously at 10 different Ubisoft Studios.

However, the game has been delayed by two weeks, and will now be available on 11 November in North America and 13 November in Europe.

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Assassin's Creed Unity pre-order

Assassin's Creed Unity Collector's Edition

There are two options for Assassin's Creed Unity pre-orders. The first is the normal pre-order, which gets you a bonus single-player mission in addition to the game when it comes out in October.

The Assassin's Creed Unity Collector's Edition pre-order includes a figure of our new Assassin, Arno, poised atop a gargoyle, a music box that plays a remixed version of the Unity theme, the official soundtrack, an art book, a collector's game box and two extra in-game missions.

We've not spotted the Collector's Edition available in stores just yet, but we'll update this article when we find out more.

Assassin's Creed Unity gameplay

First announced by Ubisoft in March 2014, Assassin's Creed Unity is set during the French Revolution, and introduces an all-new assassin, Arno Dorian, to players of the series.

"A new Assassin, a new era," says Ubisoft on its blog. "Assassin's Creed Unity has been built from the ground up as a next-gen game, offering a new way to experience the venerated franchise. Set during the French Revolution, Assassin's Creed Unity unfolds during a time of unimaginable terror and unprecedented turbulence – the perfect backdrop for the ongoing battle between the Assassin's and the Templars."

During its E3 press conferences, Ubisoft released more information about Assassin's Creed Unity to help us get excited about the game ahead of its October release.

Ubisoft says that it has built the game from the ground up, specifically for the next-gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) and for the latest PCs.

"Because of these new-gen consoles, this is the first time that we can fundamentally change a lot of the core mechanics and a lot of the stuff under the hood in terms of engine, game mechanics and actual game structure," Creative Director at Ubisoft Alex Amancio has said. "So this is what Unity is. It's not a reboot. It is a reinvention of Assassin's Creed for this next generation."

In Assassin's Creed Unity, you'll be able to navigate down a building, rather than having to find a haystack to leap into.  “We wanted to avoid having haystacks all over the place and doing that special move all the time,” said Senior Producer Vincent Pontbriand. “Controlled descent is more exciting. It also allows you to do things that are different each time. This also adds to the sense of joy of being free and doing whatever you want."

Assassin's Creed Unity Stealth

Ubisoft has also changed the way stealth works, adding a new "stealth stance" to be even more sneaky.

Not everything's getting easier, though. Ubisoft says that players should expect tougher combat with smarter enemies. "The Assassin is still a very, very strong fighter. He can easily dispatch an individual or a couple of guards or enemies. But we also wanted the game to be a little bit more realistic." That means no more button bashing, apparently: "It's more fun because there are more tactics involved," said Pontbriand.

Another new feature in Assassin's Creed Unity is Adaptive Mission Mechanic, which basically means that you won't have a defined set of goals in the same way as you did in previous games. You won't find that you need to start again or go back to a checkpoint. Instead, your mission will change depending on your actions and the consequences of those actions.

Interiors have been introduced in Assassin's Creed Unity, too, so you'll be able to enter buildings throughout Paris, and even the catacombs beneath it.

Ubisoft has also hinted that there will be a present day feature in Assassin's Creed Unity, but that's still under wraps for now. We'll update this article when we find out more.

Assassin's Creed Unity: Arno Dorian

The new Assassin in Assassin's Creed Unity is called Arno Dorian. Watch his introduction trailer below to find out more.

Assassin's Creed Unity: Multiplayer co-op

One of the biggest pieces of news that came out of E3 is that Assassin's Creed Unity will let up to four players team up if they want to, to complete story-driven missions within the game. These missions can be played again and again, so you and your friends can try different tactics.

Plus, the new Assassin, Arno, is fully customisable, so each of your friends could bring different abilities and strengths to the Brotherhood. "We have a fully customisable Assassin, who can evolve over the course of the game." Pontbriand said. "So as you complete missions, you'll earn skill points, which you'll be able to spend upgrading your skills."

These skills include stealth, combat and navigation, and you'll also be able to choose different gear.

Watch the trailer below to find out more about Assassin's Creed Unity's multiplayer feature.

Assassin's Creed Unity: cinematic trailer

Ubisoft has also released a cinematic trailer, as shown below.

Assassin's Creed Unity screenshots

 Assassin's Creed Unity screenshot

Assassin's Creed Unity screenshot

Assassin's Creed Unity screenshot

Assassin's Creed Unity screenshot

Assassin's Creed Unity screenshot

Assassin's Creed Unity screenshot