Last week PC Advisor hosted a poll to find out ‘What are your first impressions of the Xbox One'. The results so far look pretty positive for Microsoft, as a whopping 49 percent of you went for the option ‘I want one!'. See also: New Xbox One release date, specs, features and price in UK.

In total, an impressive 4,838 people took part in the poll. Worryingly for Microsoft's games console competitors only 14 percent of the ballot selected the option ‘Not convinced, I'm staying with my PlayStation/Wii/other console'. Visit: PS4 release date and specs confirmed.

The third biggest result of the poll suggested more good news for the Xbox one as 13 percent of poll participants revealed that ‘[they were] interested, but [they would] need to know more', which suggests that Microsoft has a good chance of winning them over when it reveals more of the Xbox One's features.

The remaining 24 percent of the vote was shared between ‘What's the Xbox one' (4%), ‘Don't care' (11%) and ‘Not interested, I have no need for a console' 9%).

Interestingly the results of our poll directly oppose the results of a similar poll hosted by, who asked the question ‘Which console are you looking forward to most; the Xbox One or PlayStation 4' to which the PS4 received a 61 percent majority. It should be noted that this poll was targeted only UK gamers and the results are from 1,112 votes.

49 percent of people want the new Xbox One