Nearly a third of Brits believe an Apple games console is already in development, says MyVoucherCodes.

Research by the online discounts website revealed that nearly half (48 percent) of web users would buy an Apple games console if it was released, while two in five said they preferred Apple-branded products compared to those manufactured by rival Microsoft.

More than four out of five games believe Microsoft's Xbox 360 would suffer most if Apple was to launch a games console.

Apple recently unveiled the iPad, but a third of Brits think the company is currently working on a games console

Only 17 percent said the console would hurt sales of Sony's Playstation 3 while two percent claimed Nintendo should be concerned of the effect of an Apple games console on the Wii.

Furthermore, MyVoucherCodes said Apple's Steve Jobs topped a poll of the most-respected entrepreneurs. Jobs was closely followed by Virgin boss Richard Branson, with Microsoft's Bill Gates in third place.

"It's fair to say that Apple's popularity is at an absolute peak, and I can't see wunderkind Steve Jobs and the board allowing the momentum to slow down," said Mark Pearson, founder of

If Apple were to release a videogames console as there seems to be demand for, it would be the Kryptonite to Microsoft's Xbox 360's Superman - consumers will always play the two off against each other."

Pearson added that he expected Apple to dominate videogaming "in the way iPod has become synonymous with MP3 players, and iPhones have led the charge for the title of 'must-have' mobile phone".

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