There's no doubt that fighting games are popular. Whether its Mortal Kombat II or Tekken 5, you're sure to have a favourite fighting game. We've rounded up the 18 best ever fighting games. Read on to see what made the list.

18: Fighters Megamix

Fighters Megamix wasn't a game of epic worlds clashing or legendary heroes meeting for the first time on the battlefield. No, with characters from Virtua Fighter Kids, Sonic: The Fighters (the oft-forgotten Sonic the Hedgehog brawler), and even a Hornet from Daytona USA as playable combatants, Fighters Megamix looked more like Sega's entire think-take dumped a hodge-podge of random ideas into the tried-and-true Virtual Fighter engine. And it was awesome.

Don't believe me? Try battling it out with the entire cast of Fighting Vipers as a Mexican jumping bean named ‘Deku', and tell me that's not ten flavours of awesome.


17: Tobal

Square's first PS1 game was called Tobal No. 1, which was a 3D fighter amongst 2D pretenders. Whereas most fighters back then and today purport to be 3D despite relegating almost all movement to just left and right, Tobal allowed and encouraged you to move towards and away from the screen, in addition to approaching and retreating from your opponent. The graphics, while extremely blocky, ran smoother than any other fighter of the 32-bit era, which allowed the diverse movesets of the unique characters (designed by Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama) to truly shine.

If other audiences had gravitated towards this game, we'd probably be extolling the virtues of the Japan-only Tobal 2, which improved the graphics in a big way, while boosting the Quest Mode to RPG length, and increasing the playable character roster to over 200(!) characters.


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16: Killer Instinct

Ah yes, who can forget the cheese-filled awesomeness that is Killer Instinct? Developed by Rare, this fast-paced fighting game is like Mortal Kombat on speed. On top of the announcer yelling out "ULTRAAA COMBOOO" when a chain of hits on your opponent was successfully achieved, Killer Instinct is also remembered for its colorful cast of combatants.

KI featured a velociraptor, a sword-wielding skeleton, a creature made out of ice, and a buttload of other memorable characters. Hell, the game even let you play as a Tibetan Monk.


15: Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

One of the strangest video game collaborations ever, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe not only brought the infamous series back to its off-the-wall cheese ball roots, but it did so with Batman. Beat that. Even with the game's outrageous premise, the sheer amount of characters, stages, and insane special attacks, including a number of old favourites, was more than enough to make up for the game's unfortunate Teen rating.


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