We've rounded up the 12 must have games of 2008 that should definitely be on your Christmas list. From first person shooters to adventure games, there's something for everyone.

If you're thinking about what to ask Father Christmas for, then there's no shortage of choice when it comes to computer games. So whether you like first person shooter, adventure or strategy games, there's sure to be something to suit you.

We've rounded the best 12 games of this year that are definitely a must have for your Christmas list.

Fable 2

Genre: Action/Role-Playing
Xbox 360

A fantasy funhouse in which you can sleep with the locals, sire kids, dance the barynya, train a pet pooch, wager property, liberate slaves, and assassinate ne'er-do-wells. Play nice and you'll make it to heaven, play naughty and you'll end up with a pair of horns.

It's got you in mind, but also your spouse, your over-17 kids, and your mates down the road. If your dog could play video games, he'd play this. You think I'm exaggerating? No. I bought my brother a copy. Now his wife is hooked. Her birthday was a couple Wednesdays ago. Her present? The official strategy guide.

If I had to slap a tag on Fable II, it'd be 'devotional', as in devoted to ensuring you have everything you need to solve puzzles that include blind dates, human sacrifices, and - I kid you not - a calypso-style cross-dressing cannibal. It's a game that's literally tripping over itself to make sure you're having a good time, always with a droll sense of humour, carefully counterbalanced by a strange and wonderful world that's deeply dark and beautiful.


Fallout 3

Genre: Role-Playing
Format: PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360

Belatedly third in this popular role-playing series, Fallout 3 lets you opt to track your missing father through the post-apocalyptic ruin of Washington DC- or ignore the plot and wander off on your own, clashing with tech scavengers and mutant horrors.

If I'm ever caught at the non-instantly-lethal end of a nuclear blast, I'll know just what to do while I'm waiting for all my body parts to slowly fall off now that I've played this game. And it's definitely a game where body parts fall off, or get shot off, or simply explode.

Yes, Fallout 3 is violent, but you don't have to be. That's part of its charm. If you'd rather play it like a card-carrying peacenik... well, all right, you'll have to grapple with at least some of its bloody mayhem.

The point is, many of the choices you're offered don't mandate the business end of a firearm. What's more, they have broad, game-changing consequences, whether you're disarming a nuke or detonating it in some ramshackle town, investigating an android gone rogue, or sleuthing boxes of Sugar Bombs (The cereal with Explosive Great Taste!) from the wreckage to sell to Peter-Pan-esque communes of kids sheltering in caverns.


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  6. The Witcher and Sins of a Solar Empire

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