More than one in eight (12.9 percent) of PC users play games for more than 20 hours each week, according to a PC Advisor poll.

Forum member Mr Mistoffelees admitted to being a "World of Warcraft addict" and playing the game many hours each week.

Midgetninja, meanwhile, reminisced about all-night games of Command & Conquer, which he called "the widow maker of games". And, in an even more extreme case, wolfie3000 said: "Had to get the calculator out for this one, but works out on average around 50 to 55 hours per week."

Asked 'Do you play games on your PC?', a further 8.4 percent selected 'Yes - 10 to 20 hours per week', indicating that more than one in five PC owners are putting in at least 10 hours of weekly gaming.

The answer 'Yes - 5 to 10 hours per week' was ticked by 9.6 percent of respondents, while 18.1 percent answered 'Yes - less than an hour per week.'

These more casual gamers were typified by Strawballs, who wrote: "Only things like Spider and Bejeweled - nothing more than that."

The final, largest group of respondents were the 37.3 percent who answered simply 'No'.

"Chasing some evil entity around a game bores me within the time it takes to suss out what the controls do... I'm not a gamer at all," commented Quickbeam.

Based on 249 votes, as of 23rd June 2010. See full voting details and have your say here.

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