CES 2015

CES is one of the biggest technology shows of the year and happening this week. Here's what to expect from all the major manufacturers at CES 2015. Also see: Best smartphones 2014.

CES 2015 kicks off today, so prepare to shake off that New Year's hangover and take in all the new tech – yes, some of the stuff you got for Christmas will suddenly look a bit outdated. We'll be over Las Vegas as per usual to bring you all the news and hands-on review but here's a preview look at what might be announced. See also: CES Unveiled 2013 in pictures.

What to expect from Sony at CES 2015

Sony will host its press conference on 5 January and the firm, as usual, is likely to announce a raft of products across a number of different categories. The firm said it will introduce "the latest products and technology in 4K UHD, Hi-Res Audio, Digital Imaging and Mobile."

So, we can expect TVs, cameras, mobile products and Hi-Res related gadgets like headphones. One of the big questions is whether Sony will launch the Xperia Z4 smartphone. A tipster has told Phone Arena that it will arrive at CES 2015 along with a larger Xperia Z4 Ultra.

This may be true and while Sony has announced Xperia products at CES in the past, it would make more sense to wait until MWC in Barcelona with the Z3 range still freshly on the market. Sony seems happy with a six month cycle so January would be a little early.

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What to expect from LG at CES 2015

LG is being somewhat more coy about its press conference for CES 2015 simply saying we will be able to "enjoy a sneak peek at what's in store for 2015" and hear from LG execs about "product introductions and business strategies for the year."

Well we didn't really need to hear that from LG to know it would be the case. Anyhow, TV's are a big deal at CES every year and we expect 2015 to be no different so LG will be fighting it out with other, namely Samsung, with 4K whoppers.

To get specific, LG is rumoured to be unveiling the G Flex 2 in January, according to Android Authority. The follow-up to its larger than life curved smartphone will supposedly pack a high resolution (probably Full HD up from 720p) OLED screen in a smaller form factor. More interesting is the notion of it being able to bend more dramatically thanks to a rubber chassis and feature improved self-healing.

After the success of the LG G3, our best smartphone of 2014, we're excited to see what the firm can do with the LG G4 but we'll probably have to wait a few more months after CES to see it.

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Samsung CES 2015

What to expect from Samsung at CES 2015

Samsung has to shake off its embarrassing press conference blunder with Michael Bay from last time and is likely to come out guns blazing. Although there haven't been any leaks, the Korean giant will almost certainly introduce all manner of gadgets including TVs, appliances, laptops, camera, tablets and more.

Although Samsung already has a fairly large portfolio of wearable devices, we expect to see more to add to the collection in January. Samsung has never been one to shy away from trying all shapes and sizes of gadget.

If you're hoping to get your first look at the Galaxy S6 then lower your expectation as Samsung's next flagship smartphone will almost certainly launch around MWC later in the year.

As for tablets, we'll probably get yet more to not keep up with but we'd rather see something more interesting. Samsung demonstrated its Youm flexible screens during CES 2013 so let's see that in some finished products.

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What to expect from Lenovo at CES 2015

Lenovo will probably announce at least some laptops and tablets but we're far more interested to see what it will unveil in the smartphone and wearable sectors. The firm has just completed its acquisition of Motorola and while products which are on show at CES 2015 might just be unusable prototypes, it will be our first proper glimpse at what the future holds for this partnership.

Earlier this year, the firm announced that it will show off a new wearable device in January (which is not related to Motorola). "We are very positive about the wearable device market. Not only will Motorola launch the 360 watch this year - and that is a great product - we will also announce a wearable device at CES," said Liu Jun, EVP president of mobile at Lenovo.

What to expect from HTC at CES 2015

CES isn't a big show for HTC (MWC is far more important with its focus on mobile). While, it's unlikely that the firm will unveil the HTC One M9 – or whatever it ends up being called – we could well see the introduction of the HTC One Wear smartwatch and we hope that we do.

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