These 18 gizmos and gadgets are ideal for pampered pets and their adoring caretakers.

Technology can help improve every aspect of out lives. And as it turns out, our pet's lives too.

From handheld translators for barks and meows to laser tag for cats. Who would have imagined that so many brilliant and bizarre tech gadgets are available for today's pet owner?

Whether you want to keep your pet safe, spy on its daily sojourns, or simply keep it entertained, there's bound to be something here that strikes your fancy.


Dog owners may love this. Pets almost certainly will hate it.

Dog-O-Matic is a washing machine for dogs and cats, and this is one bath they can't escape.

You select a wash cycle, insert your pet into the metal box, and read a magazine.

Thirty minutes later, your beast is clean - and probably making plans to run away from home.

Too harsh a solution? French inventor Romain Jarry, who created Dog-O-Matic, says that his contraption isn't cruel at all, according to the Daily Mail.

Tell that to Fifi - if you can find her.

Image credit: Daily Mail

Bowlingual and Meowlingual

What do Fido's barks mean?

The $220 (£154) Bowlingual Dog Voice Translator purports to translate pooch-talk into human language - specifically, Japanese.

The 'reader' attaches to the dog's collar, and the handheld unit displays the translation.

Cat got your tongue? Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users should check out the free Meowlingual Cat Translator, which allegedly translates feline-speak into English.

We can only hope that Baalingual and Moolingual are in the offing for improved communication with livestock.

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