With the Apple iPad - the much-hyped slate PC - finally launched, here's a look at 10 products that got way more hype than they deserved.

The launch of Apple's iPad finally bought clarity to an overwhelming amount of rumour, speculation and buzz.

Even Steve Jobs got in on the hype, reportedly telling people before the launch "it will be the most important thing I've ever done".

It's beginning to look like Apple's iPad will join a pile of products that suffered from more hype than they were worth. Here are some of our favourites.

Apple Newton

Like any Apple product, Newton was hyped with clever advertising and word-of-mouth buzz.

The MessagePad (pictured), released for the Newton platform in 1993, was in essence an early PDA, and certainly a good idea, but handwriting recognition problems blighted the device, and its price tag was too hefty for people to care.

One Laptop Per Child

Although One Laptop Per Child's supposed £100 computer was meant for children around the world, techies of all ages became excited about such a cheap PC.

Unfortunately, OLPC's XO-1 debuted at £275 on an unfamiliar operating system, and netbooks quickly became the standard for budget computing.

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