Teachers are waving their canes in fury as Mrs Thatcher’s knicker-maker Marks & Spencer is selling a "Blazer for iPod” as part of its 2008 Back to School collection.

The iPod-hiding blazer has been branded irresponsible by the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT), the largest union representing sirs, misses and head teachers in the UK.

The jacket has built-in volume/forward/back/play and pause controls for Apple’s iconic MP3 player, and hides the ear phone wire in the lapels.

"This is unnecessary and an error of judgement," General Secretary Ms Chris Keates told The Telegraph.

"Teachers are already battling against the misuse of such technology in classrooms. Pupils nowadays come to school equipped with mobile phones, MP3 players, and portable games consoles when teachers would like them to just bring a pen.

"In its place this technology is useful, entertaining and perfectly legitimate for youngsters but its place is not for personal use in classrooms.

The blazer is eco-friendly - made from recycled plastic bottles. It comes in sizes from age 10 to age 16, and costs from £25.

The Telegraph also reports that parents are furious about the new M&S blazer, available for both boys and girls.

Hayley Hamlett, 38, whose 15-year-old daughter Sherri is a head girl at Hamble Community Sports College, Hants, told the paper: "It sounds horrendous and it encourages anti-social behaviour and children to listen to music in lessons.”

I'm sure the sound is not "horrendous" if you swap out Apple's included headphones for some better cans, and surely parents such as Mrs Hamlett should have no worries…

Have you ever heard of a child buying his or her own school uniform?

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