Amazon Kindle Fire HD Christmas gifts

Technology such as tablets, smartphone accessories and various other gadgets are set to be the hot products for the top Christmas gifts of the 2012 holiday season.

Going by web search results, according to Experian Hitwise, tablets such as Kindles and iPads will be very popular gifts – joined by kids’ tablets like the Leapfrog LeapPad, Meep! and Tabeo. See: LeapPad 2 review and also our LeapPad 2 video review (by a six-year-old child!)

Microsoft will be delighted that its new desktop, tablet and phone operating system Windows 8, reviewed, appears to be in high demand, too.

On the list of top product-related search terms driving traffic to the Retail 500 category of sites, Kindle Fire HD and Windows 8 top the list as new products.

Accessories for both phones and tablets will also be popular, especially as more become available for Apple’s iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.

Away from technology gifts the dreaded ladies’ UGG boot is another Christmas favourite if internet searches are to be believed.

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Children’s tablets, dolls, Wii U and Furbys

To identify the popular toys for gifts this year, Hitwise researched product-related search terms driving traffic to compared to last year’s US Christmas holiday season.  

In the doll category Doc McStuffins was number one on the list, along with the classic Barbie, which saw a growth in searches year over year.

Amazon Christmas toy deals

The Furby is making a strong comeback at the number two spot with a reboot and new features.

A big trend for Christmas here is kids’ tablets, from branded searches like LeapPad and Kurio there is also the generic term ‘tablets for kids’.

In the video game category the new Nintendo Wii U that is debuting just in time for Black Friday and should be a big gift this year, along with searches for PS3 games and the Nintendo 3ds xl are all in the top 20 searches.

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