Samsung Galaxy Glass

Samsung is reportedly going to take on Google Glass with its on Galaxy Glass smart glasses.

The smart glasses market is expanding with many devices on show at this year's CES but Samsung is set to join the party this year with a Galaxy Glass device. The firm will reveal the smart glasses at IFA 2014 in September, according to The Korean Times.

"The reason is simple. The market potential for smart glass is huge. It will be used in trucks, cars and has a greater impact on related industries such as glass- and coatings-makers," said an official at Samsung Electronics.

"It will be interesting to see which companies get better stakes in the race for smart glasses. Players definitely want to enjoy a ‘first-mover’ advantage in this new and highly lucrative market,"

It is thought that the Galaxy Glass gadget will pair with a smartphone to display alerts on a transparent or translucent lens, allow users to take phone calls and listen to music. The device will give users similar functionality to its Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

The news comes shortly after Samsung and Google announced a global patent cross-license agreement. Samsung has already registered a patent for Galaxy Glass in Korea, according to the Korea Intellectual Property Office.

Google Glass

The report also suggests that Google Glass will go on sale to the public in the latter half of this year as Google is in the final stages of refining the product. See also: Using Google Glass: 5 things we love, 5 things that need to get better (and probably will).

Using Google Glass: 5 things we love, 5 things that need to get better (and probably will) - See more at:

"The new smart glass to be introduced by Samsung is a new concept of wearable device that can lead to an exciting culture of communication. The smart glass will present our aim to lead the new market with proven capability. Wearable devices can't generate profits immediately. Steady releases of devices are showing our firm commitment as a leader in new markets," added the official.

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