Some of us have a tendency to hoard. Whether it's spare parts for a car, old correspondence or childhood mementos we just can't bear to part with. However, for some, its technology. I've taken some pictures of the worst tech hoarding areas in my home, along with some other brave souls. Why not check them out?

Some of us have a tendency to hoard. Whether its spare parts for a car, old correspondence or childhood mementos we just can't bear to part with.

I have to admit that, while my living room isn't waist-deep in newspapers, I do have some definite hoarding tendencies - and a lot of them revolve around electronics.

Take the picture above up there. Yeah, that comes from my home office.

It's on top of the bookcase near my desk, and it's my most high-priority pile of cables.

Most of the things in there are things I actually use on a regular or semi-regular basis - after I took the picture, I had to dive in there to dig out my camera's USB cable, for instance.

But then there's stuff in there that's significantly less useful - like a DVI-to-VGA adaptor, which I would have last needed, oh, about 2005 or thereabouts?

If you want to go further down the rabbit hole of tech hoarding with me and a few other folks brave enough to have sent me their pics, read on!

Trapped in the closet

Here's the top shelf of the closet in my home office, where the 'stuff that gets used less often' (ie, never) lives.

Up there are some ethernet cables, which you can obviously never have too many of, especially when you live in a house with Wi-Fi available throughout.

Then there's the old landline phones (my wife and I stopped using our landline when we got iPhones, but we still have a dial tone for emergencies, and you never know when such an emergency will arise), and, of course, a USB cradle for a Handspring Visor and a 220V-to-110V power converter. (Don't forget these; they'll come up again later.)

A blast from the past

This is my top left desk drawer, and right there in the midst of an admittedly disorganized pile of stuff that I actually use fairly regularly is a Handspring Visor PDA, purchased circa 1999, last used regularly in late 2003 when I finally joined the modern age and bought a mobile phone with PDA capabilities.

I think I kept this because I planned to use it as a handheld calculator. You may have noticed that they have calculator programs on computers now.

While writing this article, I popped some new batteries into the Visor and - what do you know - it still works great.

Of course, all my contact and calendar data is gone. Fortunately I still have that syncing cradle.

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