With the hype surrounding the iPad at its peak following last night's product launch, now might not be the best time to make an educated guess as to the long-term success of Apple's tablet.

But Bookies Paddy Power hopes to tempt you by offering odds on global sales of the iPad, with the shortest odds on shipments of over 6 million units during 2010.

The iPad, which is expected to be released worldwide in 60 days, is a tablet computer that attempts to bring the web, email, entertainment and games together in a single, portable device. It's designed to plug the gap between smartphone and full-sized laptop, an area traditionally occupied by netbooks.

Paddy Power said: "Having just seen Steve's presentation I'm already convinced that I really need an iPad and I'm pretty sure there are millions of others who feel just the same way. I think the smart money is on over two million sales this year, for sure."

Paddy Power's odds, announced minutes after the iPad was officially unveiled, are as follows:

-8/1 Under 1 Million
-7/2 1,000,000 - 2,000,000
-11/4 2,000,001 - 3,000,000
-5/2 3,000,001 - 4,000,000
-5/1 4,000,001 - 5,000,000
-8/1 5,000,001 - 6,000,000
-3/1 Over 6 Million

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