One in ten Brits own a net-connected TV, says YouGov.

According to the research firm, four percent admit they're considering purchasing a TV that connects to the net via Ethernet, cable or Wi-Fi in the next 12 months. However, more than half (52 percent) of Brits say they have no plans to join the 'smart tv' revolution while 25 percent admitted they weren't sure if they'd purchase one. Furthermore, seven percent said they weren't aware of what a smart TV was.

The UK is lagging behind France, where 18 percent of the population own a smart TV and Germany with 11 percent. However, Brits are beating the Americans as in the US only nine percent own a net-connected TV.

YouGov said games console that already connect to the web, such as a Microsoft Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3, are hampering the uptake of smart TVs in the UK, as they already offer access to online movies-on-demand and catch-up TV services such as LoveFilm and the BBC's iPlayer. The research revealed 15 percent of the UK owns an Xbox 360 while 13 percent have a PlayStation 3.

Meanwhile, affordability is also key, with 28 percent of those that have no plans to or aren't sure if they'll purchase a smart TV, admitting the ability to pay in instalments (at a good rate) would encourage them to get their hands on a net-connected TV. Furthermore, 36 percent said their decision to buy would be swayed if more of the TV content they normally watch was available on the internet. However, in the US, 44 percent of those that have no plans to or aren't sure if they'll purchase a smart TV said nothing would encourage them to purchase one

"This uncertainty and confusion amongst consumers about the technology is clearly an obstacle for manufacturers who will have to raise awareness of their product's capabilities if Smart TV's are to become as ubiquitous as Smartphones," said Dan Brilot, media consulting director at YouGov.

"It will be even tougher if the games console industry starts educating consumers about their products' internet capabilities, particularly when the third of British consumers who already own a Nintendo Wii will be able to access TV services like Netflix through their devices as their US counterparts already can"