Apple's highly-anticipated iPad won't be a hit in the UK, at least that's what Simpson Carpenter believes.

According to the research firm, which polled a number of Brits on their thoughts about Apple's slate PC, while the overall concensous is the device is cool, many are put off by its price tag.

"Niche groups with specific emotional or functional needs love it; but right now there isn't a compelling incentive to get mainstream consumers to buy it," said Mike Stevens, director of Telecoms, Media and Technology at Simpson Carpenter.

"When the iPhone was launched, it revolutionised an existing category that people understood. The iPad is at the vanguard of a new category that sits between the computer and the phone - so it's not surprising that many consumers struggle to see how it could fit in their lives."

However, Simpson said this may change once consumers see how early adopters use the iPad.

"For them, it's not about function, compatibility or improvement but about raw appeal, its sheer magic. Typical of these consumers was this response 'It's just fantastic. I don't need it, but it's wonderful and I want it'."

The iPad has proved a success in the US. Apple announced earlier this month it had sold its one millionth iPad just 28 days after the product's US launch.

And it's the strong US demand that has been the cause of the delay in launching the device in the UK.

Originally expected to launch at the end of April, Apple revealed last month that is was pushing back the UK shipping date of the iPad to May 28.

At the beginning of this week, when Apple first began taking pre-orders for the iPad, the 'ships by' date was listed as May 28.

However, those pre-ordering any of the six variations of Apple's tablet are now being given June 7 as the 'ships by date'.

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