PC Advisor took some time out of its busy schedule to head down to the Ideal Home Show at London’s Earls Court. We met up with Suzi Perry who is part of the Home of the Future section and the show’s ‘queen of gadgets’.

In our chat with Suzi we talked about her favourite devices, worst gadget, and what she’s excited about this year in the technology industry. Somehow we managed to talk about cat toilets, camera apps, tuberculosis and Steve Jobs, so read on to find out her thoughts and feelings.

PC Advisor (PCA): How many connected digital devices do you have on you right now?

Suzi Perry (SP): So in my bag I’ve got an iPhone, iPad, probably a camera so three.

PCA: What’s the one gadget you wouldn’t be without?

SP: My iPad because it’s the greatest convergence gadget ever I think. PCA: Even though you can’t make calls? SP: I don’t think we make that many calls. I don’t anymore. Data is king isn’t it really; sadly the spoken voice is diminishing somewhat. Soon we won’t be able to speak at all it will just be our fingers tapping away.

PCA: We can probably guess but Android or iOS?

SP: iOS and I try and run two phones. PCA: Do you have an Android phone? SP: Yeah I have, I’ve got an HTC. I just don’t like the operating system as much as iOS. PCA: What’s your opinion on Windows Phone? SP:  I’ve got the Nokia Lumia 800, which is a beautiful phone. It’s gorgeous, it really is, and I am getting to grips with it but still the one I would pick up would be iOS.

PCA: What was your first computer?

SP: A Compaq Presario something or other, I can’t remember the numbers. PCA: Was that Windows? SP: Yeah, absolutely. PCA: What version? SP: It was really early days so it would have been in about 1996, you can tell me what version of Windows that was. PCA: Windows 95 probably. SP: Could have been, my memory is not that great. I just remember being amazed by it because it was my first laptop. I was terribly excited.

Ideal Home Show Suzi Perry

PCA: What’s your favourite app?

SP: Still loving Instagram. I like camera apps and I love photography so Hipstamatic, Instagram they’re great for taking quick photos, changing them, making them look cool and then sharing them with your mates, really simple.

PCA: What gadget or device can’t you travel without, excluding the iPad?

SP: A good SLR because I think when you’re travelling, when you’re on holiday, when you’re on trips, it’s the only time personally I get to actually think about taking good pictures rather than just snaps for Twitter or social networks. It’s the only time I get to properly test gadgets, so yeah a camera is my must have.

PCA: What are you most excited about in the tech industry this year?

SP: I am really excited about skinny OLED tellies getting to consumer affordability. I loved it when they came out a few years ago, I felt like I could just put my hand in and reach and take something out. Just wonderful, wonderful picture imagery but obviously they were so expensive no-one could afford them and so small. So I’m waiting for them to get really big because that’s my way of relaxing, watching TV, watching Nordic Noir that I’ve videoed, videoed that sounds so old fashioned, that I’ve downloaded. 

4G, can’t wait, get on with it you know. Move on already 3G, so over that. The Lytro, the camera where you can re-focus after you’ve taken the picture. Love the idea of that, sort of a sideways swing in photography. I think it would be really good for smartphones. I wonder whether it might be in the new iPhone later on this year.