Computex, which took place this week, is Asia's largest information technology trade show. We prowled the hundred of exhibits to find some of the best innovations on display.

Chi Mei ultra-slim display

This is the ultra-slim 13.3in WXGA laptop display from Chi Mei Optoelectronics, which makes the display for the Apple's MacBook Air. With a glass front polished to 0.3mm and a 0.8mm back-lit LCD panel, it weighs in at a scant 219g and produces a bright and crisp image when viewed from the side or even outdoors.

Ubunto Netbook Remix

This may be the first computer seen running Ubuntu's Netbook Remix, a new version of its open-source OS designed for mini- laptops like the Eee PC. It's seen here on an Amtek tablet computer with a 10.2in display and Intel's new Diamondville Atom processor.

Amtek is a contract manufacturer serving mostly Japan, but also Tulip Computers in Europe. The device has a touchscreen and is for use in restaurants and other work settings, but Amtek will also make Ubuntu mini-laptops for consumers that should be on sale in a few months.

Acrosser embedded PC

If you need a computer that keeps running when you cover it in dust and shake it around for months on end, look no further. This is Acrosser's Ares fanless industrial embedded computer, designed to be jammed into the back of a bus or train and then long forgotten. You can't see from the picture but this one was being shaken vigorously for hours. It's part of the testing process designed to expose any 'latent defects' in each product. The survivors are shipped out the door.

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