Computex, which took place this week, is Asia's largest information technology trade show. We prowled the hundred of exhibits to find some of the best innovations on display.

Taipei model

This model of Taipei was presented to Taiwan's new president, Ying-jeou Ma, at the opening ceremony. Fittingly for the world's contract chip making capital, it's made from chips and circuit boards.

Vinpower disc copier

For the budding software pirate, er.. publisher. These SharkCopiers from Vinpower Digital copy up to 14 CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray Discs at a time and you can daisy-chain them for synchronised mass copying. Flip the disk and a built-in laser will etch a label on the other side. They write to disc at between 8x and 48x depending on the media type. Retail price is around $1,500 (£750).

Gigabyte Roll Pad

In ancient China (so the marketing says) artists wrapped their paint brushes in bamboo mats to protect them. That's the design inspiration for Gigabyte's aluminium Roll Pad, which you put under a laptop to increase airflow and keep it cool. The rubber rims keep it from scratching your desk. The product won a Taiwan Excellence award for design.

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  3. A model of Taipei and a 14-CD disc copier
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