Computex 2008 has become perhaps the world's most important IT trade show. With the Taipei exhibition now drawing to a close, we've taken a look back over the past five days to highlight the most interesting products on show this year.

Our team of reporters has prowled the halls to find the more exciting and unusual products, some of which you'll crave and some that make you wonder why they bothered.

Bone USB stick

Okay, bit silly. But what is it about cute animals in Asia. These USB memory sticks from Bone are available as pandas or penguins and hold between 1GB and 4GB of data. The 4GB version retails for about $20 (£10).


These are solid-state drives and they're all over the place at Computex. Instead of a disk inside like most drives today, these are packed with flash memory chips. Advantages: they dish up data fast and you can drop them (allegedly) without them breaking. Disadvantages: The prices, but they're coming down.

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