Skincare is a vital element of your beauty routine. There is so much to deal with: the signs of ageing, the build-up of lines and wrinkles, the gradual loss of firmness and muscular tension.

The internationally renowned dermatologist Dr. Anita Sturnham is an expert on the causes of these problems. “By the time we hit our 40s,” she writes, “we typically see up to a 50 percent reduction in blood flow to the deeper dermal layers of our skin, which means nutrient supply to the skin is reduced.” Dr. Sturnham recommends that young people should start thinking about their long-term skin health while still in their 20s and 30s, since prevention is more effective than cure.

Regular exercise can help with many of these issues: multiple studies have confirmed that regular exercise can boost the formation of new blood vessels in the skin. By ensuring that blood flow and nutrient delivery to our skin remain efficient, it’s possible to delay cellular ageing.

But exercise can itself lead to other issues. “Workouts can cause havoc with our skin, particularly if you exercise with make-up on,” warns Dr. Sturnham. “Make-up forms a clogging film, which can cause inflammation and irritation in your pores. Sweating is inevitable, and while this is an important bodily function for removing toxins and impurities, leaving it on the skin can also result in clogged pores and dehydration.”

Exercise, therefore, needs to be paired with a thorough skin-cleansing routine, or you will undo the benefits it would otherwise contribute to your skin’s health and appearance.

 Before and post workout skincare routine

It’s vital to select the right fitness equipment for your needs – and this is equally true of your cleansing accessories, which need to be thorough, convenient and gentle. You also need to find a solution that suits your budget.

A sonic facial cleansing brush is an effective tool for removing oils, sweat, and dirt before or after a workout. If you choose well, a good-quality massaging brush will efficiently cleanse the pores while providing a massage that firms and rejuvenates the skin’s appearance by smoothing lines and wrinkles and relaxing muscle tension. And crucially for busy fitness enthusiasts, it saves time and effort in your skincare routine: a one-minute cleanse is all you need. Dr. Sturnham recommends the newly launched LUNA 3 by Swedish brand FOREO, a skincare device with deep facial cleansing and firming massage features.


The LUNA 3 provides a deep cleanse (with up to 8,000 pulsations per minute at 16 intensities), but it’s also gentle thanks to the soft silicone touchpoints which glide effortlessly across the skin without pulling or stretching it. Unlike nylon brushes, which soon get dirty, these touchpoints are non-porous to prevent bacterial buildup and can be cleaned easily with water. The dirt slides off, and the brush dries quickly.

The product has two sides: the first is for cleansing, while the second provides a firming massage targeting specific zones of the face using T-Sonic pulsations, giving the skin a tighter, firmer tone and more youthful appearance, and a more even complexion. Concentric ridges on the brush head gently relax muscular tension, and the massage also enhances the absorption of skincare products you use as part of your beauty routine.

The LUNA 3’s updated Swedish design features a convenient universal power button on the back of the device, and a large brush head with long touchpoints that are perfect for hard-to-reach areas. Its USB charging port is waterproof, and battery life is good for up to 650 uses per charge - a terrific performance.

This is a smart device, and an interactive smartphone app allows you to customise the intensity of the pulses and personalise the massage routine to suit your needs and the areas you want to target. The duration of the routines vary from 1-2 minutes. The app connects to the LUNA 3 via Bluetooth, which means you can fine-tune settings to suit your personal preferences and then instantly sync them across.

How to get the most out of the LUNA 3

The LUNA 3 is easy to use. To get started, download the FOREO For You app (which is free on Apple’s App Store and Google Play) and press the device’s power button to turn it on. Use Bluetooth to connect the LUNA 3 with the app, and then select cleansing preferences and a massage routine.

Remove make-up, dampen skin and apply cleanser, then press the universal button again to activate the cleansing mode. Cleanse using circular movements on the cheeks and forehead, and glide up and down the nose. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to turn off the device. Finally, rinse and pat your face dry.
And that’s it! Make this part of your fitness and skincare routine to achieve an unparalleled cleanse and a radiant complexion.