Having just reached the UK, although not yet a finished product, there's been a lot of buzz over Google Glass. But no-one seems very sure of what to think of the smartglasses concept. 

Explained briefly, Google Glass is a (currently very expensive) pair of smartglasses that displays information in front of your eyes. You can use it to follow directions, search Google for information, send messages, take photos and more. The best description of what is Google Glass and its possibilities can be found in the awesome Google Glass video at the top of this page. 

We polled 4,296 visitors to PC Advisor to discover what level of interest they held in Google Glass. Only 10 percent said they were very interested in Google Glass, and that they wanted a pair. (To the other 90 percent, I once again refer you to the video at the top of the page.) 

Of course, Google Glass isn't for everyone. Our own consumer tech editor would shun Google Glass in favour of a significantly cheaper Android Wear smartwatch, wearing which he'd feel much less self-conscious in public.

Google Glass  

And the public seems to agree, at least on the price front: 24 percent of those readers we polled were interested in Google Glass, but thought it too expensive. At £1,000 for something that isn't even the final product, we can see why. 

A further nine percent said they were sufficiently interested in Google Glass to want to know more. Well, so are we. We've spent the past few weeks trying to ascertain in which situations Google Glass is actually useful, and generally having fun with the technology. For example, just imagine creeping up behind an unsuspecting Google Glass owner and softly speaking into their ear: “Ok Glass. Listen to Justin Bieber.” Or “Ok Glass. Google [insert something gross here].” Find out how you can prank people with Google Glass here. 

There’s a lot more to Google Glass than fun and games, though. It is unique, original and downright weird, as we note in our in-depth Google Glass review. So we were surprised to find 30 percent of those polled were not at all interested in Google Glass, and that 17 percent thought it interesting, but not for them. (The remaining responses either didn't know what is Google Glass or weren't sure.) 

Its potential for use in filming movies in the cinema, or home movies in the bedroom, has meant Google Glass has received something of a bad rap. But in the right situation Google Glass can be an invaluable tool. We look at the five best- and five worst places to use Google Glass.

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