The Gadget Show Live 2012 has opened its gates to the public once again at the NEC in Birmingham.

We took a day out of the office to look round what the show had to offer. We enjoyed ourselves to an extent but weren't blown away by nifty gadgets as much as we hoped. Photography by Dominik Tomaszewski.

The overall feel and focus of this year's event is definitely on audio equipment. Every other stand seemed to be for headphones, speakers, in-car-entertainment and the like. If you want a new pair of cans then head on down to the show.

However, if it's new technology that you're interested in then there is a sever lack of it at the show which disappointed us. The big name vendors are just showing off existing kit which we've already seen with the exception of only a few.

There was a certain amount of PCs and laptops but nothing major to report home about. Tablets and smartphones were vastly in the minority, much to our surprise.

Gaming equipment had a significant amount of the floor space with new and retro consoles on offer. The highlight of our day was Motion Simulation's TL1 - partly because we set the fastest lap of the day, but mostly because of its impressive 180 degree screen and immersive experience.

A token celebrity appearance was made by rapper 50 Cent to launch his range of headphones in the UK, but we didn't get to try them out.

Gadget Show Live 2012 Bowers and Wilkins

The Bowers and Wilkins stand is the first one you come to with its impressive floor standing speakers.

Gadget Show Live 2012 LG

LG shows of its Dual Play gaming TV which allows two players to see separate full screen images.

Gadget Show Live 2012 Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga

We get to play on Lenovo's IdeaPad Yoga - a laptop and tablet in one.

Gadget Show Live 2012 Samsung

Samsung's promised Galaxy Tab 2 was a no show so we had a quick go on the Galaxy Note.

Gadget Show Live 2012 OTone

We chat to OTone which is launching its range of speakers at the show.

Gadget Show Live 2012 Motion Simulator

A moment in our record breaking lap on the impressive Motion Simulation TL1.

Gadget Show Live 2012 Sennheiser

Plenty of headphones on offer at Sennheiser's stand.

Gadget Show Live 2012 50 Cent Sync

Hip-hop artist 50 Cent introduced his wireless Sync headphones.

Gadget Show Live 2012 Philips

Philips shows off its range of audio equipment including some interesting looking speakers.

Gadget Show Live 2012 Tag

Something for the kids with the Tag Junior.

Gadget Show Live 2012 OrbitSound

Orbitsound's colourful sound bar - prizes for spotting the PC Advisor Awards logo.

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