Fusion Garage has made its JooJoo tablet PC available in the UK.

The tablet PC, which was previously known as the CrunchPad, measures 198x320x25mm and has a 12.1in touchscreen, a USB port and Wi-Fi connectivity to allow users to surf the web on the go.

According to Fusion Garge, the JooJoo, which runs a Ubuntu Linux operating system, has a boot-up time of just nine seconds, and unlike its biggest rival – Apple's iPad – supports Flash video.

The company also says the JooJoo benefits from updated software, with further regular updates designed to add more functionality to the tablet expected.

A full-size touch keyboard appears when users need it, and disappears when viewing content or paging through digital media.

"The internet is consumed via many devices-none of which are specifically designed for the experience. JooJoo is the first device completely dedicated to the internet," said Fusion Garage founder and CEO, Chandrasekar Rathakrishnan.

"It puts the magic of the web at your fingertips whether you are on the sofa or on the go. JooJoo was built from the ground up with the aim of providing the ultimate browsing experience. Our name literally means magic and our product delivers it."

Founder of tech website TechCrunch, Michael Arrington, was behind the CrunchPad, the original incarnation of the JooJoo.

Arrington claims he developed the first two prototypes of the device before joining forces with Fusion Garage in September 2008.

However, in December last year TechCrunch sued Fusion Garage, claiming that the Singaporean start-up used fraud and deceit in a bid to take control of the CrunchPad,

The JooJoo tablet PC is available now from Fusion Garage priced at £319. A stand for the tablet PC is also available for a further £20.

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