Christmas is rapidly approaching, which means shopping season is about to kick off (and for the more organised among you perhaps you've already made a start!).

We've got some great tech gift ideas that are bound to help you out. It's not just geeks who love tech: your mum, dad, partner, kids, best friend and even your gran would love to receive some of the gifts in our ultimate Christmas 2017 gift guide.

We've got everything from the very best phones, tablets, laptops, consoles, games, wearable tech, headphones, speakers and tech accessories to gadgets and gifts just for Minecraft lovers, Lego enthusiasts, Star Wars fans and more, so read on to find a present to suit everyone you need to buy for.

You'll get lots of inspiration here, but we'd also recommend checking out our dedicated tech deals pages to find some great bargains. You can also get ready for the madness of Black Friday thanks to our tips here.

Christmas Jumpers

In the run up to Christmas you're bound to want to look the part too. Plus, on 15 December it's Save The Children's Christmas Jumper Day so these are perfect for taking part in that.

We've found the most nerdy Christmas jumpers around, from Star Wars and superheroes to Mario and PlayStation. Take a look here.

This one is a Star Wars Christmas jumper available for £30 from Amazon.

Star Wars gifts

With the new film Star Wars The Last Jedo fast approaching, we’ve rounded up the coolest gadgets and gifts available.

Whether it’s a Christmas present, reward for surviving the prequel years, or just plain old avarice, these are most certainly the goods you’re looking for. Take a look here.

One of our favourites is the Sphero R2-D2, available from Amazon for £179.99.

LEGO gifts

We've gathered some of the coolest LEGO themed gifts and gadgets for the LEGO fan in your life.

No matter what age they are, there's bound to be something here that'll excite them. See our LEGO Christmas wishlist here.

This one is the Lego Marvel Super Heroes Doctor Strange set, available from Amazon for just over £30.

Minecraft gifts

The popularity of Minecraft just keeps growing, so we expect that there will be lots of block-shaped presents beneath Christmas trees this year ready for excited fans to enjoy.

We've gathered lots of our favourite gifts and gadgets for your Minecraft-loving friends and family, which you'll find here.

We love this light up Redstone Ore, for example, available from Amazon for under £30.

Subscription boxes

A subscription to a mystery box is the gift that keeps on giving.

You can choose to gift three, six or twelve months of most of the subscription boxes in our round-up of the best nerdy options, and the recipient will get a box of geeky goodies every month. Cool, right?

See the best nerdy subscription boxes here.

This one is Lootcrate, available for £21 per month from the Lootcrate website.

Gifts for kids

Kids increasingly want - and expect - high-tech presents but few people can afford or want to give their children iPads for Christmas.

There are many cheaper options when it comes to tablets and other techy gifts for kids, as demonstrated in our round-up, which you can read here, along with our separate guides to the best robot toys and coding games for kids.

We love Cozmo, an adorable but super smart robot. You can buy him from Amazon here.

Gifts for geeks

From circuit board jewellery to floppy disk coasters, these Christmas gifts are perfect for tech-lovers who already have all the tech they need.

Take a look at all 9 gifts for computer lovers here.

Shown here is a circuit board necklace from Etsy.


It's the Christmas gift everyone has a use for: a smartphone. But you don't have to be Scrooge to be put off by the £500-plus price of some of the flagship phones. Follow the links below to find a phone to suit your budget and your recipient:

Best phones of 2017
Best Android phones of 2017
Best budget phones of 2017

The phone shown here is the Moto G5, which is currently at the top of our budget phones chart. It costs £180 and is available from Amazon here.


A tablet makes a great Christmas present for your nearest and dearest, as always-on devices that let you work and play.

We've found that tablets can be a big hit with the over-50s, as well as teenagers and commuters.

Click here to see our favourite tablets for Christmas 2017.

And if you're looking for a tablet for a younger users, you can check out our round-up of the best kids tablets here.

At the top of our tablets chart right now is the iPad, which you can buy for £339 from Apple.


With a new Apple Watch in town and even a fully-fledged Fitbit smartwatch, these have rapidly become one of the hottest gadgets to own. They'll be high on plenty of Christmas wish lists this year.

Click here for the best smartwatches of 2017.

Our favourite right now is the Huawei Watch 2, which you can buy for £329 from Amazon here.

Activity trackers

With so many of us pledging to lose weight or get fit for the new year, a fitness- or activity tracker is an ideal Christmas gift. Fitbit is one of the biggest players in this market, but there are plenty of alternatives to choose from too.

To see our favourite activity trackers, click here.

Our pick of the best is the Fitbit Charge 2, which you can get from Fitbit itself for £139.99.


Our list of the best headphones to gift this Christmas has something for everyone, whether you're looking for the best audio quality for the best price.

If you've got cash to splash on the very best, visit our overall round-up of the best headphones here.

For cheaper headphones that still offer impressive quality for the price, click here.

We like these Verbatim 44400 earphones, which are available from Amazon for under £20.

Best speakers for Christmas 2016

The best speakers can cost hundreds of pounds, but getting better (or simply louder) audio from your phone, tablet or laptop is easily achievable without spending a fortune.

We round up the best cheap Bluetooth speakers to gift this Christmas here.

If you've got more money to spend on a speaker (perhaps this is a Christmas gift for yourself!) then check out our overall best speakers chart here.

One of our favourite budget speakers is the Denon Envaya Mini, which you can get from Amazon here.


The ideal gift for a book worm, an e-reader lets you hundreds of books into a single slim and light digital device. E-readers are cheaper than tablets, optimised for reading, and with much better and battery life.

Click here to see 7 of our favourite e-readers.

Our pick of the best is the Kindle Oasis, which has recently been updated by Amazon.


Drones are the new remote control car, and they don't have to cost the world.

Click here to see the absolute best drones that may well cost you a small fortune, but we've also got a round-up of the best cheap drones here.

Take the Hubsan X4 Micro Quadcopter, for example, which you can pick up for as little as £30.

Games consoles

A new games console is one of the most exciting gifts you can open on Christmas morning, because the endless entertainment that follows can last all the way until next Christmas (and you'll know just what to get them next time – a game or two!)

There are several new consoles available this year, too, including the Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch.

See the best games consoles available in our chart here.


We've all got a number of games on our smartphones and tablets, but a full-on game makes a great gift this festive season – and a relatively inexpensive one in terms of tech.

Follow the links below to discover some of our favourites.

Best PC games
Best PS4 games
Best Xbox One games
Best Switch games
Best 3DS games

This year we loved Horizon Zero Dawn.

Instant cameras

You'd think instant cameras would be consigned to the past, but nostalgia has dragged them kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, and surprisingly enough they're actually a welcome presence.

In an age of instant filters and digital backups, there's something to be said for a camera that doesn't let you pick the perfect photo out of ten options, and that immediately gives you a physical print to hang onto.

We've tested a selection for our guide to the best instant cameras, but for gift giving our pick is the affordable Polaroid OneStep 2, a simple, user-friendly option that perfectly captures nostalgic appeal.

Game of Thrones

We might have a while to wait for the final season of Game of Thrones - and probably even longer for George RR Martin's final book - so help ease the wait with some of the best Game of Thrones gifts out there.

We've rounded up our favourite Game of Thrones merchandise and gifts, from a plushie Three-Eyed Raven to Stark champagne flutes, but our top pick is The World of Ice & Fire, a tie-in compendium written by Martin himself and including a wealth of folklore, history, and stories from the world he created.

Gaming keyboards

Another option for gamers, this time the PC-loving variety, is a new gaming keyboard.

We've picked out 12 of the best gaming keyboards available to buy in the UK, so take a look here.

Top of the list is the Razer Ornata Chroma gaming keyboard, which is available for £99 from Amazon.

Gaming mice

Alternatively, how about a gaming mouse? You'll find 9 of the best gaming mice to buy for Christmas in our round-up by clicking here.

This mouse from Logitech is one of the most user-friendly mice we've tested, and could make the perfect gift for PC gamers. It's just over £80 from Amazon.

Board games

Not tech at all, but here at Tech Advisor we have a particularly nerdy taste in board games that we think lovers of computer games will enjoy so we couldn't resist putting together a list of our favourites.

There's a bewildering variety of games to choose from, but we're here to help. Forget Monopoly and Risk - board games these days can be far more in-depth and amazing.

Take a look at our pick of the best by clicking here.


A laptop could make an amazing present this Christmas, and it doesn't necessarily have to break Santa's bank. Click here to go to our favourite laptops to gift this year, and here to go to our favourite budget laptops.

Top of our overall best laptops chart right now is the Dell XPS 13, available from Amazon here.

Laptop bags

If your gift's recipient already has a laptop, how about a laptop bag? We've reviewed 12 of our favourite cases, rucksacks and messenger bags for style, comfort and practicality.

See our favouite laptop bags for Christmas by clicking here.

One of our favourites is the Moshi Helios Lite Backpack, which is available from Amazon for around £90 here.