It’s been another year of innovation and technological intrigue. PC Advisor outlines the best of the best, bringing you reviews of Best Buy products in six crucial categories.

Christmas comes but once a year. If you're feeling the pinch, that's probably just as well. This year, more than any other in recent memory, Christmas shoppers will be looking for value for money. As ever, PC Advisor is on hand to ensure you make wise buys, rather than foolishly flinging your money at something just because it's got a pretty face or has been hyped to the hilt.

With the economy in its current state, it's little surprise to learn that offers of ‘free' laptops, phones and games consoles are proving popular.

But are deals that commit you to paying a monthly fee for the next two years really any better than paying a low price up front? If you're looking for a laptop that won't break the bank, see our mini laptops buyers' guide. We've reviewed the best and most affordable mini laptops, starting at just £219 inc VAT.

Digital cameras are a perennial favourite, but with clever features and intuitive controls taking over from empty posturing about megapixel counts, you'll probably want to do some research. Visit our compact cameras buyers' guide to consider which compact should be topping your wishlist.

The excellent shots you take on your great new camera deserve to get a public viewing. Fortunately we've also checked out the best photo printers and digital photo frames - click here for the photo printers and photo frames buyers' guide.

If you want the best quality audio, you'll need a portable music player, of course. Whether that's an iPod or something more imaginative, we've got the digital audio player to suit you in our MP3 players buyers' guide. And on the same page you'll find some high-quality earphones reviews.

We've also got a list of the 12 best games out in what is bound to be a bumper Christmas for gamers.

Finally, we outline the best satnav products to get you from A to B the stress-free - and most economical - way. Click here for our Christmas 2008 satnav GPS device buyers' guide.

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