BT has commissioned a report into the scale of waste in UK households and just how many gadgets and technology items lay abandoned and forgotten. Its survey of 2,000 respondents, for which it commissioned YouGov to conduct research, revealed that we have on average 10 unused gadgets.

BT estimates that 191 million items aren't guzzling juice simply because their owners don't know how to use them or have found less than user-friendly.

Rather than suggesting we pull ourselves together and admit we're not as technically-savvy as we might appear or that we read the manual, BT has decided to berate us for asking assistance from friends before abandoning our expensive toys.

Its survey suggests we each spend £200 a year on gadgets. Sounds a lot, but that's barely one mini laptop or mobile phone. However, in order to ensure our electronics aren't going to waste, it proffers BT Home IT Support as the solution. At 'just' £8.99 a month - or £8 a month if you sign up for three months - you can have a pro advise you over the phone how to set up your wireless printer, your webcam or your internet radio.

It's a nice thought, but I'm pretty sure it's cheaper to buy a friend a pint in return for a few minutes help. Not only that, but there's plenty of online advice - not least at PC Advisor's very own forums - on how to set up tricky-to-install items and all for free.