Samsung Fly-Fy

It's April Fools' Day so there's a serious lack of hard technology news to bring you. So instead, we've rounded up the best tech jokes we've seen on the internet.

This year there's been some pretty decent and funny jokes published by tech companies including Google, Nokia and Samsung so here's the best ones we've seen so far.

Best technology April Fools': Nokia 3310 PureView

Do you love the now retro Nokia 3310 but wish it has a camera as good as the Lumia 1020? Well you're luck is in because Nokia has merged the two phones to bring the 41Mp PureView camera to the old school 3310 with a modified version of Windows Phone 8 to fit the screen.

Juha Alakarhu, Nokia head of Imaging Technologies, said: "I'm really excited that we’ve found a way to marry our innovative PureView technology with such a beloved device. With its durable design and iconic look, we think even more people will enjoy our signature PureView magic".

Nokia 3310 PureView

Best technology April Fools': Roku Watch

Roku recently announced the Streaming Stick as a rival to Google's Chromecast but what if you want to take your streaming out and about with you? Introducing the Roku Watch, the firm's first smartwatch which will track your inactivity and grant you rewards when you hit impressive milestones - 10 inactive hours = one large pizza will automatically be delivered to your home.

"We know that nearly everyone loves watching TV at home on a big ol’ flat screen. The Roku Watch is for the rare individuals who enjoy squinting around a teenie tiny screen or like showing off their wearable tech." said Roku.

Roku Watch

The device has a crystal clear 1.5 x 0.5 inch screen, HDTV omnidirectional antenna, a 40ft power cord, a customizable strap and a Roku Remote with optional belt clip. It will cost $199.

Best technology April Fools': F1 Twitter steering wheel

Red Bull Motorsports has announced that it will trial a new steering wheel in Bahrain. Formula One is the pinnacle of motorsport but it's lacking in one key area: social. This new steering wheel will allow drivers to Tweet while they drive adding another dimension to the sport. Perhaps we'll see Lewis Hamilton tweeting that he really needs the loo at half distance, or Fernando Alonso complaining about the weather.

F1 Twitter Steering Wheel

Best technology April Fools': Google Glass Solo

If you like the idea of Google Glass but don't like the designs on offer then take a look at this new version. The Google Glass Solo, aka one lens experience (OLS) is a monocle with a lanyard so as soon as you're done with the technology you can relax your eye and let the device fall away. You can also tuck it neatly into your waistcoat pocket.

Google Glass Solo

Best technology April Fools': Pokémon on Google Maps

This is a half April Fools' joke because Google has actually added Pokémon to Google Maps and if you download the latest version for Android or iPhone you can actually scan the map and catch 150 of the cute little critters. The joke element is the augmented reality feature shown in the promo video and, we assume, the job at Google starting in September for Pokémon Master – I'm going to apply just in case.

Best technology April Fools': Samsung Fli-Fy

Samsung has come up with a genius idea which makes used of all those annoying pigeons while improving internet access in public spaces. It's called Fli-Fy and sees micro-router packs attached to London pigeons. Samsung says the 'lightweight, water-resistant and do not impede the pigeon’s normal flying action'.Tests show that where more than 50 birds are gathered, signal strength is better than 4G.

Samsung Fly-Fy

Tim Verhoeven, Project Director, Samsung Innovation Labs explained: "This is about thinking laterally - using one nuisance, pigeons, to fix another, a lack of Wi-Fi.  It is a breakthrough of sorts but of course pigeons have always been at the forefront of mobile communications technology.  From the sixth century BC, pigeons have been used as the fastest and most reliable way to send messages over great distances. As you're never far from a pigeon in London, we think this idea could really take off."

Best technology April Fools': Wireless enabled beer

Shepherd Neame has decided to give its popular Spitfire ale a digital advantage over rivals. Special editions will be popping up in shops with wireless hotspot-enabled bottle caps. The brewer is calling it 'WireFire'.

Wirefire hotspot beer

Best technology April Fools': Electricity generating flowers

Thompson & Morgan's horticultural innovators have developed a brand new strain of sunflower which generates its own electricity from the central stem. The 'PowerFlower' can charge smartphones, tablets and other devices via its waterproof USB port. 'SunCharge' plants are supplied 12 inches high, and in bud.


Alternatively, sustomers can buy a 'SunLight' model where the main flower head has a light bulb socket pre-installed, meaning the plant can be used for lighting in the home. New Product Development Manager, Michael Perry said "The PowerFlower is capable of producing unlimited electricity over an 8 week period."

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