A tech website claims to have discovered the UK pricing for Apple's iPad.

Despite going on sale in a month, Apple has yet to officially announce pricing and 3G data carrier partners here.

Quoting a "source" Geeky Gadgets claims the 16GB version will be priced at £389 (confirmed as $499 in the US), while the 32GB iPad will cost £439 (confirmed as $599 in the US).

Finally the 64GB iPad will sell for £489 (confirmed as $699 in the US).

"Our source didn't have any information on the Wi-fi and 3G iPads pricing, but one thing they did reveal is that we are more likely to get the iPad in the UK in April as opposed to March which is currently being quoted on Apple's website," Geeky Gadgets said.

"We can't confirm 100 percent that these prices are correct, but we are pretty sure from the information our source provided us with that these will be the prices when the Apple iPad goes on sale in the UK."

The UK Apple site is still listening the following: "Wi-Fi models shipping in late March. 3G models shipping in April. UK pricing to be announced", and "international carrier availability to be announced. 3G data plan may be sold separately."

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