Apple's iPad is available for pre-order in the US today, although eager buyers will have to wait until at least April 3 to get their hands on the device.

Announced in January, the iPad is Apple's first tablet PC and has been the subject of huge hype over the past two months. The first iPad TV advert aired in the US last Sunday, giving technology enthusiasts another glimpse at a product which has been touted as both an exciting step forward in home entertainment and a disappointing iPhone-on-steroids in equal measure.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has repeatedly called it "magical" and "revolutionary" but in our first look at the iPad, we weren't sold on either the hardware or the software.

iPad with the New York Times

We'll have to wait for a more in-depth review as the iPad isn't launching in the UK until the end of April. Apple execs were reportedly heading to the UK this week to discuss the release of the iPad with each of the major mobile networks, according to reports.

Online retailers and Expansys will be among those stocking the iPad when it hits the UK, according to leaks earlier this week.

Tech website Electricpig spotted that had posted the UK pricing for the iPad via Google Products. The website said searching for 'Apple iPad 16GB' on Google Products displayed a price of £499 on Play, while the 64GB version was listed a costing £699. However, the listing in Google Products has since been removed.

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