In its first 10 days, Apple's iPad has captured almost as much online usage share in the US as the BlackBerry or Google's Android operating system, a web metrics firm said today.

According to data from NetApplications, the iPad's share has averaged 0.03% since April 3, the day Apple started selling the media tablet. Although that number is tiny compared to the major operating systems - Windows XP, for example, accounts for 64.5% of the total market - it's within striking distance of more established rivals.

Research In Motion's BlackBerry, for example, had a usage share of 0.04% for the month of March. Android, meanwhile, accounted for the same figure, split evenly between Android 1.5 and Android 1.6, NetApplications said. By comparison Windows ME was also at 0.04% last month.

But the iPad can't hold a candle to Apple's older mobile siblings. By NetApplications' count, Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch devices have a combined share of 0.6%, about 20 times larger than the iPad's.

Net Applications measures operating system use by analysing a pool of about 160 million unique visitors each month to its clients' sites. The company is tracking iPad daily share numbers on its website.

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