eReaders such as Amazon's Kindle have come top in a list of unused Christmas gifts.

Research of more than 1,400 Brits conducted by online voucher service revealed that 48 percent admitted they'd received a gift on Christmas Day they haven't used since opening it. When asked to identify the gift, 22 percent said it was an Amazon Kindle, which over half (53 percent) saying it was because they had not downloaded any books to be able to use with the device yet.

Nearly one in ten (nine percent) said they're unused Christmas gift was an Apple iPad with 16 percent of these saying it was because they hadn't got round to it and eight percent claiming it wasn't changed up.

Other unused gifts included MP3 players, named by 14 percent. More than two thirds (67 percent) of these said it remains untouched because they haven't downloaded any music for it yet.

"It is surprising to see how many people have not used gifts they received almost one month ago; but I think we are all guilty of putting gifts to one side now and again," said Mark Pearson, Chairman of

"It is likely that these gifts will be used eventually, perhaps when the owners get a chance to download books or music, but I must admit it's difficult to find a reason for people having not charged iPads! If people are genuinely not going to use their gifts, I would suggest talking to the person that bought it as some of the gifts mentioned in this study are fairly pricey," he added.