Electric bikes can be expensive, costing several thousand pounds for top-end models. But if you’re after something more budget friendly, then there are options. And a good deal right now this folding e-bike from Alfawise.

The X1 is currently on sale at Gearbest and costs £381 / €414 / $460. This is a low price for this type of electric bike: there are quite a few similar fold-up versions (indeed, we’ve reviewed the Onebot T4  which costs quite a bit more at the moment) and this is certainly the cheapest.

Power comes from the 7.8Ah battery which gives a range of 30km in pure electric mode, or up to 60km if you’re pedalling too.

There’s also a version with a 10.4Ah battery that costs £430 / €472 / $518.99, although if you use the coupon code ALFAWISEX1U you’ll get $9 off.

The bike has 14-inch wheels and disc brakes for effective braking and better shock absorption. Folding the X1 takes just a few seconds thanks to quick release levers for the frame, handlebars and seat, and even the pedals fold to save space.

Alfawise X1

An LCD display shows how fast you’re going and allows you to see which of the four power-assist modes the bike is in. It also shows remaining battery capacity.

You get a built-in front light, but a rear reflector rather than a proper light.