Nearly two thirds (63 percent) of children under 10 years old own a mobile phone, says

According to the online gift site, over half of parents that allowed their child to have a handset said it was due to constant pressure, while 25 percent said they felt their child was safer with the device.

Prezzybox said that 76 percent of parents that wouldn't let their child have a mobile phone thought mobiles were 'unnecessary' for kids, while seven percent said it was a risk to their child's health.

Furthermore, 77 percent of under 10s own a laptop, while 62 percent have a games console and 46 percent own digital audio players.

Two in five parents also admitted they let their child have a TV in their room, with the majority of parents saying it reduced arguments with other siblings over the remote control.

Zak Edwards, managing director of, said: "I don't think that the worry is that so many children have and use mobile phones, but that so many parents are unaware of exactly what it is their children are using them for. While I think laptops and computers are important for education, internet access should either be restricted or at the very least, monitored, again for the safety of the child."

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