You've shelled out a grand for your Google Glass headset. But where to wear it? Here are the five best- and five worst places to wear Google Glass - and one on which we can't decide. (For more on Google Glass, see Google Glass Explorer Edition 2.0 review.)

5 best places to wear Google Glass

1. Running, cycling, golfing

Pop on your glasses and pop out for a run. Google Glass can navigate your route, and measure your time and speed. It can also give you a hare to chase to improve performance - even allowing you to compete against your previous times on the same route. There are a couple of golf apps that allow you to improve your swing and judge distances - technically cheating but who cares if you are only practising. A hands-free computer, Glass is intended for a sporty, active life. (But not for swimmers. You need Google Goggles for that. What?)

2. Exploring a new place

It's also the dream for walking around a new country or town. Not only can Google Glass help you navigate, but it offers you the opportunity to capture memories and research the local area. You may have to walk around talking to yourself, but just pretend you are a mad man.

3. On the road

If you have to travel for work, or choose to travel for fun, Glass is your friend. Google Now lets you find out flight times or local amenities. The social and messaging apps let you stay in touch. Navigate, convert currencies, or find about interesting local history. Google Glass is your ideal traveling companion.

4. In the kitchen

This may be a personal thing, but when I cook from a recipe I tend to use my smartphone or tablet to view the instructions. This means that my phone is in a constant state of greasy filth as my flowery, fatty fingers swipe around. It also means I have to continue to refresh the screen, and I can't email or message anyone. Wearing Google Glass is perfect for cooking. With the Allthecooks app you can find and share your favourite recipes through Glass, even when your hands are covered in goose fat (other fats are available).

5. In the office

Perhaps because you could use Evernote to navigate your to do list. Or maybe so that you can email without breaking off from the task in hand. But mainly because if your office is anything like ours the size and number of your displays is directly related to the sense of importance you can send out. Stick on your Google Glass and you have an infinite display in front of your very eyes. You are instantly the most important person in the office. See also: Google Glass release date, price and specs: now you can buy Google Glass in the UK.

Google Glass

5 worst places to wear Google Glass

1. A special family event

Your daughter's birthday party, Grannie's wedding anniversary, a wedding, Christening or Bah Mitzvah. You need to be there, your glass doesn't. Such events are to be enjoyed in the room, in person. You don't need Google Glass to capture the odd snap, and no-one else needs to hear you interupt the vows with 'Okay Google'. Put them away.

2. At the cinema

Some cinemas are banning Google Glass, and although it goes against the grain to support 'the man', you can see the point. There's no good reason to wear your Glass to the flicks. If you are using it to surf mid movie you are breaking the code and distracting others. And really, the only reason to wear your glass is to film the contents of the screen. And as Simon Bates once told me, pirate DVDs are killing the movie industry. Or something. Look, you know what you are doing. Don't.

3. To a live concert or the theatre

Attend any sort of live event these days and you are likely to see people watching not the artists on stage, but the screen of their phone. Google Glass takes this to the nth degree. Yes it is great to take photos and tell the world where you are. But if you are watching through the pane of Google Glass, you're not actully engaging. Don't let the experience of being there pass you by because you are so busy capturing it and sharing the fact.

4. Watching sport

Like being at a conert or the theatre, only with the collective experience being even more important. You won't give yourself over to the passion of the game if you are surfing the web, taking photos or Tweeting your pithy analysis of the game.

But much more important: Google Glass and sport do not a good mix. Wear your G-specs at a launch party in Hoxton, they'll match your beard and tattoos. But no-one will thank you on what remains of the terraces for showing off your digital skills.

5. On the streets near home

You have to live near your neighbours, and you don't need the navigation chops. The only reason to wear your glass through the front door is to make an impression. And if you live on the mean streets the impression you will be making is 'rob me'. Discretion is the better part of valour here. (See also: what it's like to use Google Glass.)

Google Glass

And one on which we can't decide...

The bedroom

'I think we should spice things up dear. We could use the Glass to make a home movie in the bedroom.'

In the right hands that could be a good thing. I leave that to you and your conscience.

Just make sure you are making a film, and not watching one.