Following an agonising wait for fans, Adult Swim officially renewed Rick and Morty back in May 2018, promising not only a fourth series but an incredible 70 episodes, spanning several seasons. Though the animated series has always had a cult following, it was season 3 that catapulted Rick and Morty into the mainstream, and it’s not hard to see why.

Here’s all you need to know about Rick and Morty season 4, from the possible release date to episode information, returning cast members and the latest teasers.

When will Rick and Morty Season 4 be released?

As noted by Mr Poopybutthole on the post-credit scene of the season three finale, fans of Rick and Morty shouldn’t expect season 4 for “a really long time”. It shouldn’t come as news to any hardcore fan, as the gaps between seasons have historically been years-long.

The good news is that (after an excruciating wait for fans) Adult Swim has renewed Rick and Morty not only for season 4, but for a whopping 70 episodes across several seasons, and writing for the fourth season kicked off back in June 2018.

As for an actual release date, Producer Ryan Ridley has already stated that there won’t be any new episodes in 2018. “I know how long this show takes to write, let alone animate. I’d be surprised if there was a fourth season on air anytime sooner than 2019… late 2019,” Ridley said, talking to Detroit Cast.

Whenever it does arrive, it will have a new home in the UK: the show is moving to E4, with the first three seasons airing from February 2019 (and then sticking around on All4), and season 4 due on the same channel whenever it eventually comes out.

How many episodes will Rick and Morty Season 4 feature?

Despite the first season packing in 11 episodes, season two and three of Rick and Morty have both featured 10 episodes, suggesting that’ll be the format going forward. However, co-creator Dan Harmon discussed the idea of longer seasons during an interview with EW that leads us to believe otherwise.

I would like to think I’ve learned enough from my mistakes in season three that we could definitely do 14 now, but then I have to say, ‘Yeah but you’re the guy who says we can do 14 who turned out to be wrong so we’re not listening to you now’,” Harmon remarked.

The nice healthy way to approach this is I want to prove it with the first 10 of season four – prove it to ourselves, to production, to the network – that it’s so easy that we’ll earn additional episodes.

So, from that, we expect season 4 of Rick and Morty to feature 10 episodes, but we’re hopeful that Harman can achieve the dream of a 14-episode season. We’d appreciate an extra four episodes of classic Rick and Morty action, that’s for sure!

Rick and Morty season 4 cast

We imagine that the original cast will return for season 4, with Justin Roiland voicing both Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith and Chris Parnell taking on the role of Morty’s father, Jerry. Spencer Grammer is tipped to be back as Morty’s sister Summer and, of course, it wouldn’t be complete without Sarah Chalke voicing Rick’s daughter, Beth.

We also expect a handful of celebrity guest appearances as there were in season 3. The last season saw cameos from the likes of Nathan Fillion, Susan Sarandon, Tony Hale and more, and given the heightened interest from season two to three, we could be seeing more impressive cameos in the upcoming season.

Rick and Morty season 4 teasers

While we’re yet to be treated from any official Rick and Morty season 4 teasers or trailers, we have seen the release of a handful of mini-episodes appearing on the Adult Swim YouTube channel following the end of season 3.