Glass is the latest film from acclaimed director M. Night Shyamalan, the surprise sequel to both 2000 classic Unbreakable and 2017's bleak thriller Split, pulling together the two disparate stories into one shared universe.

Since it's a Shyamalan film it's no surprise that Glass boasts plenty of twists and turns, but if you get to the end you'll probably be wondering if he's saving one final twist for the credits. After all, that's exactly how Split revealed that it was in the same world as Unbreakable in the first place - surely Shyamalan might try the same again?

Naturally spoilers for Glass follow, so be careful if you haven't seen it yet - and go ahead and read our review if you want a spoiler-free assessment.

Does Glass have an end credit scene?

Let's be quick: no.

Surprising as it is, Shyamalan apparently didn't save any surprises for the end credits. By the time the credits roll all three of the main characters are dead, and their secret's out: the world is now aware of the existence of super-powered individuals.

I thought there might be one final layer to Mr. Glass's plan, somehow revealing that someone survived the fight after all, or even the awakening of a new super individual, but that's it - suggesting that with Glass Shyamalan really is done with this world and these characters, which is probably for the best.