With Detective Pikachu, the world of Pokémon has finally entered live action, with a big budget movie starring Ryan Reynolds as the titular Pikachu, complete with deerstalker hat.

The film is now out in both the UK and US, and you can grab tickets from Cineworld, Vue, or Odeon in the UK, or from Fandango or Atom Tickets if you're in the States. Read our review to find out what we thought of it.

This may only be the first non-animated Pokémon movie, but it's a pretty safe bet that Nintendo hopes to make more - either Detective Pikachu sequels, or other movies within what will surely become a Pokémon Cinematic Universe. But is Nintendo taking a page out of the Marvel playbook and using the credits to set those movies up? Find out here, spoiler-free.

Does Detective Pikachu have a post-credit scene?

Let's be quick: no. I sat right through to the end, and there wasn't any sort of tease, joke, or anything - all you get is a new song by Rita Ora, who cameos in the movie, which may tempt you to stay or drive you away, depending on your taste.

It's worth sitting through the first part of the credits at least, because they're animated with a brilliant style that nods to the original Game Boy games and the anime. That part's fun at least, but once it hits the regular credits it's just the usual scrolling list of names on a black background, so you won't miss anything if you decide to duck out at that point.