Sky will be raising the prices of its services from April this year following a change to the small print on its website. TV, Phone and broadband packages will be affected from 1 April, with Talk changes taking effect on 1 May.

The average increase in price will be 5.1% which Sky has been quick to say is only a £1 or £2 increase per product.

Speaking in a statement to Mirror Money, a spokesperson for Sky said: “We try to keep costs down and provide a greater choice for our customers to pick the package that best suits them”

Sky customers can expect to see price changes of up to £2 per product across the majority of Sky’s range, including Sky Cinema, Sky Entertainment, Sky Broadband and Sky Talk Anytime.

How to cancel your Sky contract

Regardless of whether you’re currently in a contract or not, Ofcom is very clear that customers are allowed to leave a contract early if the provider increases its prices without initial warning.

If you’re in a contract you can either call Sky directly and ask for a better deal or leave Sky and search for a better deal elsewhere.

You can start the process to cancel Sky on its website just here.

How to get cheap Sky TV

There are some cheaper alternatives when it comes to gaining access to Sky TV, the most obvious choice being NOW TV.

NOW TV will give you the ability to access a range of Sky entertainment as well as a host of other programming options. You can get access to Now TV through several methods, including Online, through the Now TV mobile app or through the NOW TV Stick or NOW TV Smart Box.

We have an article dedicated to NOW TV just here, which tells you how to get access to its free trials too.

How to get cheap broadband

It's important to shop around for your broadband deals to ensure you're getting the very best price, as many providers will lure you in with cheaper prices and then automatically renew at a higher rate.

If Sky’s recent pricing changes aren’t sitting too well with you, then make sure you have a look at our best monthly broadband deals to ensure you’re getting the most for your money.